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We are DSI Dantech

Spiral freezers in production DSI Dantech

We are here to change the food industry

Headquarters at DSI Dantech

DSI Dantech is built on the work of four formerly family-owned organizations with strong track records; Belgian Cryogenic Equipment and Services NV, one of the world’s largest independent suppliers of cryogenic freezing technology, Dantech Freezing Systems A/S, a leading global player in mechanical freezing, Freezertech a UK based plate freezing company and DSI Freezing Solutions A/S, the global market leader in plate freezing.

We merged in May 2021 with the ambition of changing the market for thermal treatment of food. Today, the group has 350 employees, more than 100 years of knowledge within IQF and plate freezing, and more than 10,000 solutions installed around the world. To support our present and future customers, we are represented with offices, production, agents, and dealers across the globe.

DSI Dantech History
DSI Dantech History
Count on our contribution

We bring thermal technology to the table

Thermal solutions for quality food

Sustainable and profitable freezing, cooling, and heating solutions. Not only does our contribution improve your production and revenue, but it also helps you minimize food waste and make quality food accessible to everyone.

That’s our contribution.

Our role

Quality, safety, and optimization

Horizontal plate freezer freezing fish & seafood

We are only one part of the value chain, but we are a quite important one, and we are here to leave a mark on the food industry. We believe in food quality, we prioritize food safety, and we promise you honest guidance, so you can base your investment on real data and solid industry knowledge.

We partner with food suppliers and manufacturers to supply our customized solutions. We excel in faster freezing, cooling, and heating, our running time is longer, and our processing costs are lower. This results in higher yield, better preservation, and optimal product quality. Our solutions allow you to optimize your production while sparing the environment.

Values and purpose

passion, commitment, strong relations, and quality

DSI Dantech values

We set out to find the perfect solution for your production, and we do it in close collaboration with you. We do it because quality food deserves proper treatment – from freezing to cooling and heating. We do it because we believe in sustaining taste, texture, and nutritional value all the way from farm to fork.

We commit to optimizing your results and contribute to protecting our environment. This is not only a commitment, but also our sole purpose. To honor it, we work closely with our customers to develop the right solutions, we have a structured approach to R&D, and we emphasize attracting and retaining the best specialists across the globe.

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Test center

We bring data to the table

Test center at DSI Dantech

You can replace speculations, calculations, and literacy with measurements and actual savings for your specific business case. Use our test centers to build a strong foundation of data about your product and gain new insight that will make you capable of scrutinizing your product for production optimizing purposes.

Test Center
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News and food for thought

We bring news to the table

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