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Our contribution sustainability

Our commitment

Sustainability is many things, but our contribution is straight forward.

We are committed to protecting our environment. We supply the food industry with thermal treatment that spares the environment. We collaborate with our customers to produce solutions that reduce their environmental footprint, minimize food waste, and sustain the quality of food.

We deliver mechanical, cryogenic, and plate solutions for freezing, cooling, and heating to the global food industry. As such, we are only one part of the value chain, but we are an important one. We play an active role in minimizing our customers’ environmental footprint by reducing energy, water, and chemical consumption.

Our solutions are the fastest on the market. When we reduce the freezing time by up to 50 %, we also reduce the energy consumption accordingly. Likewise, many of our solutions can run for 10 days without defrosting in contrast to common machinery that require defrosting every day or every second day. This is not only good for the production numbers, but it also minimizes wastewater as well as water and chemical consumption for cleaning.

Sustainable solutions from DSI Dantech
Our contribution

Considerate use of resources

It takes resources to produce thermal treatment equipment. Therefore, we focus on developing solutions that run for many years – and some of our freezers from the 1990s are still in service today. When possible, we also repurchase used equipment and optimize or upcycle it according to other customers’ needs.

Just like it takes resources to produce our solutions, it takes resources to produce the food that our solutions contain. Therefore, we customize solutions that treat food with the respect it deserves to sustain the taste, texture, and nutritional value all the way from farm to fork.

In the same way, we help our customers minimize food waste by combining thermal treatment solutions. Most by-products are suitable for other products, and it makes sense to use it all, for the environment as well as for financial reasons.

Our collaboration

A sustainable difference

A sustainable difference

Sustainable solutions require collaboration. We partner with food suppliers and manufacturers that are focused on sustainability. Together, we set out to make a sustainable difference in the food industry.

For years, we have worked closely with esteemed companies such as OSI, Cargill, Danish Crown, Toenies, Emsland, Vion, Koch Foods, and many more. Companies that continue to do business with us because we are able to meet their needs of saving energy and reducing their overall environmental footprint.

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