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We bring food data to the table

Crust freezing meat and poultry

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Is it possible to optimize your production further? Does your freezing, chilling, or heating solution sustain the quality of your food? How will new packaging affect your freezing time? 

At our test centers around the world, you can replace speculations, calculations, and literacy with measurements and actual savings for your specific business case. Here, you can build a strong foundation of data about your product and gain new insight that will make you capable of scrutinizing your product for production optimizing purposes.

Operational savings

Results across industries

Get your own freezing results

Whether you work with fish & seafood, meat & poultry, fruit & vegetables, liquids & fluids, baked goods, ready meals, further processing, dairy, ice cream, pet food, or non-food, we can support your test in IQF mechanical, cryogenic, and plate solutions for freezing, cooling, and heating.

Moreover, the data often show that converting to one of our state-of-the-art solutions will result in operational savings of 30-40%.

Fast freezing affects your products

Our highly technological freezing, cooling, and heating solutions combined with software allow you to analyze your product in real time to

  • define the freezing time with CorePoint technology
  • calculate the resource and CO2 savings
  • optimize the freezing time by testing various freezing temperatures
  • test how various batch quantities affect the freezing time
  • test various packages to optimize the freezing time

Optimize an existing solution

If you are already using one of our solutions, you can use the test centers to look into how various temperatures, different batches, and types of packing may affect the process. Thereby, you can plan and optimize your production flow and calculate your potential savings.

Three test centers

Tests available in Europe and the US

Test freezing in plate freezer

We currently have three test centers. In Monkea, IL, US, you can test IQF mechanical freezing, plate freezing as well as cryogenic freezing. In Paris, France, you can test IQF mechanical, cryogenic, and plate freezing. Here, it is also possible to run tests for crust freezing. In Dybvad, Denmark, you can test plate freezing.

Depending on your needs, we can assist you with testing and analyses. We will facilitate the relevant tests and log the data that you need. We’re also able to support you in calculating the potential savings and developing a business case.

You are welcome to visit our test centers around the world and get your test results on site. If you can’t travel, it is also possible to schedule an online meeting as all of our data is accessible online.

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