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A combined solution increases flexibility

Spiral and tunnel freezers from DSI Dantech

Combined solutions

Freezing, cooling and heating of quality food

The combination of solutions can sustain food quality, enhance yield, and reduce maintenance, sanitation, and operational costs.

Whether you need a combination of various types of equipment, such as pasteurization, chilling, and heating, or a flexible combination of mechanical and cryogenic technologies, we can customize a solution for you.

Today, our customers use combined solutions for a variety of food where sustaining shape, consistency, and texture is of the essence–from fish, chicken, vegetables, and baked goods to ready meals, such as pizzas, hamburgers, and ice cream desserts.

Combined technologies

Combine mechanical and cryogenic treatment

Spiral and tunnel freezer combined

We develop cryo-mechanical solutions to combine surface hardening and high heat removal by means of cryogenic equipment with deep freezing by means of mechanical equipment for maximum efficiency and low dehydration. In many productions, this increases production capacity and achieves greater operational flexibility.

We also develop mechanical-cryo solutions where the food is brought close to crystallization point by means of mechanical freezing and then deep frozen by means of cryogenic freezing technology.

Customize your production

Minimal footprint maximal flexibility

Crust and tunnel freezer combined

A combined solution can also be a highly flexible solution with a minimal footprint, in terms of space requirements as well as sustainability. Our customers with little available production space often add cryogenic equipment to their mechanical solution to save space. Likewise, the combination of technologies can reduce the freezing time and production cost. As a result, combining the advantages of cryogenic freezing with the benefits of mechanical freezing improves energy consumption and reduces food waste.

Automate your production

Automation for your freezing solution

As the only all-in-one supplier of complete freezing, cooling, and heating solutions, we customize automation solutions for all processes from conveyor systems, crane rail constructions, pipe and pump loading systems, cranes, robots, stacking systems, palletizing conveyors, to stretch wrappers, etc. Our focus is to make your work easier, speed up your production, and reduce the health and safety risks in your working environment.

Adding highly technological handling equipment for loading, unloading, and packaging will automate your production by reducing manual labor, increasing hygiene, and maximizing production time and efficiency.

You can choose manual, semi-, or fully automated equipment, or you can add modules to your existing facility to obtain an all-in-one solution that combines the thermal treatment that you need with state-of-the-art handling equipment.

Three automation solutions

Loading solutions

Our loading equipment is designed according to the latest developments and technological advances with regards to efficient design, safety, ultra-low maintenance requirements, and operator convenience.

Unloading solutions

Our customized systems ensure fast and simple unloading, and our products facilitate a very large capacity that helps you boost your everyday productivity.

Packaging solutions

Our systems guarantee extremely high levels of quality and safety for high-speed palletizing and packaging.

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