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Let us change the food industry together

We are DSI Dantech

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Colleagues from DSI Dantech in Aalborg

Welcome to DSI Dantech. We are more than 300 dedicated colleagues working together across the globe to leave a mark on the food industry and protect our environment.

We are on a journey. We are growing and internationalizing with a focus on our commitment to optimize our customers’ results and contribute to protecting our environment.

It takes a flexible and collaborative workplace, an organization open to change and continuously optimized ways of working, to realize our purpose. It also requires great teams built on high expectations, solid competences, and strong relations.

We are looking for dedicated craftsmen who thrive on collaboration, curious and flexible colleagues who aren’t afraid to challenge status quo, and committed managers who lead by example and believe in empowerment.


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Do you have

an appetite for growth?

DSI Dantech career

When you join DSI Dantech, you become part of a growing company with global ambitions as well as sites and customers around the world.

You get the chance to have an international career, where collaborations across cultures, languages, and borders is just another day at work. Our departments are cross-cultural and operate across sites and countries, and our global functions support the entire organization across continents.

Joining DSI Dantech is also your opportunity to grow. The organization is flat and fueled by empowerment, making it always possible to take on responsibility and develop, personally as well as professionally. We also help structure your development and strive to give you a career that fits you and your future plans, so whether you are an apprentice, intern, recently qualified, or an experienced shark, we will customize a plan for you in our organization. 


20 years and counting 

DSI Dantech employee from Belgien

“There is a lot of variation in the products and the projects, and my role has changed over the years. But at the end of the day, when you are proud of what you produce and proud to deliver it, you have found your place. And that is why I’ve stayed here for so long, and I might just stay for another 20 years.” 

Jonas Coeman, Team Leader, Belgium

DSI Dantech values
Values to work by

Our values are the foundation for our organization


Quality is fundamental at DSI Dantech and we take pride in delivering high standards every time in all aspects. We are all professional craftsmen within each of our areas of expertise and through strong collaboration we challenge, support and learn from each other, continuously improving ourselves. We acknowledge that different competences create stronger teams and with our high self-expectations, we create better results for our customers.

Strong relations

Dedication and collaboration are keywords in our interaction with customers, colleagues, suppliers, and other partners. We believe that strong long-term relations create greater results, and happily go the extra mile to reach our agreed commitments. As a company we attach great importance to the diversity among us, no matter who you are or what you do. Our work atmosphere is characterized by a flat organization with mutual respect and we have fun while getting cool things done.

Can-do attitude

We have a solution-oriented and can-do attitude in everything we do. With the power to act, and with our strong track record, we have proven our credibility in continuously delivering solid products and services to our customers. Being flexible and open enables us to optimize the way we work and create efficient solutions together that both benefits our customers and our environment.


Our culture is fast-paced and friendly

DSI Dantech employee from Vejle

“It is a dynamic organization with many changes and new initiatives, and you get to be part of that. If you reach out for new tasks and more responsibility, you get it. But you are never on your own. You can always talk to your colleagues. In that way, it is a very open culture. We are all working towards the same objective, so there is a strong sense of collaboration.” 

Isabella Pulli, Sales Manager, Denmark 

Our recipe is collaboration

We believe that strong and long-term relations create the best possible results, inside the organization as well as in our collaboration with customers and suppliers.

Our collaboration is driven by dedication and can-do attitude – we happily go the extra mile to honor our commitment. Across the organization, we never miss an opportunity to do better and improve the solution for our colleagues and customers. This is possible due to our work atmosphere, which is characterized by a flat organization, diversity, and mutual respect – we have fun while getting cool things done.


We grow every day 

DSI Dantech employee from Singapore

“I was very new to the job market, when I joined the company four years ago. I have developed and gained much knowledge from collaboration with managers and international colleagues. I also got the opportunity to get my master’s degree in mechanical engineering while working here. And my title, tasks, and responsibilities have grown considerably." 

Yegor Salikov, Technical Excellence, Singapore