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DSI Dantech A bigger fish in the sea

DSI Dantech production

DSI Dantech is a reality

As of October 1st, DSI Dantech is a reality, and the global food industry has its first and only partner to offer innovative cryogenic, mechanical, and plate technology for freezing, cooling, and heating of quality food.

In May 2021, DSI Freezing Solutions A/S acquired Cryogenic Equipment and Services NV and Dantech Freezing Solutions A/S to create an even bigger splash in the market. These additions call for renewal, which is why we’re honored to announce the launch of DSI Dantech A/S, our new name with an additional refreshed brand identity.

This merging of leading companies in cryogenic, mechanical, and plate freezing technology gives us the ability to provide the most optimal solution for each of our customers to ensure a true match with their production and needs.

DSI Dantech builds on the three former family-owned organizations, all with similar values and owner structures. This makes us accessible with an international set-up across Asia, Europe, and the US. Our new global presence is a vital benchmark, as the company has a defined objective to stay close to our customers to ensure stable local service and support, but also in a broader sense to offer strong customized solutions.

Press Release DSI Dantech
DSI Dantech is a reality