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Søren S. Overgaard joins DSI Dantech as new CEO

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Leadership change at DSI Dantech

As of November 15th, Søren S. Overgaard will join DSI Dantech as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Søren S. Overgaard is 49 years old, married and with three children. He lives in Hinnerup outside of Aarhus. He has a degree in engineering and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) as well as extensive international experience, having worked in both Asia and Switzerland. His recent positions include CEO at A/S Cimbria, Vice President at AGCO (following the acquisition of Cimbria) and latest CEO at Skiold in Sæby.

Søren brings great experience and expertise to the organization. His previous leadership roles demonstrate his ability to drive growth and manage large-scale industrial companies. Søren will play a crucial role in steering the DSI Dantech Group towards future growth and success.

At the same time, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our current CEOs, Michael Bohl and Henrik Ziegler. Their steadfast leadership over the past year and a half has been instrumental in reshaping the company's direction, fostering growth, and positively impacting our bottom line.

Both Michael Bohl and Henrik Ziegler will return to their previous roles as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Sales Officer (CSO), respectively. Their dedication and effort have set a solid foundation for the DSI Dantech Group's continued success.