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Recycling of workwear

DSI Dantech recycles old workwear

Recycling of old workwear

Recycled workwear

Sustainability is many things, but our contribution is straight forward. We are committed to protecting our environment, and at DSI Dantech we take recycling very seriously. Recycling saves resources, prevents pollution, supports public health, and creates jobs.  

When our workwear is tattered, damaged beyond repair, no longer complying with safety standards, carries obsolete branding, or our employees has resigned, we hand in all garments for recycling.

Creating new wear and gimmicks

There are numerous ways that our corporate workwear is reused and repurposed. For example, it can be shredded or cut up and used for cleaning rags or insulation. We create bags, aprons, or even new corporate clothing from recycled wear. 

It's important to considerate use of resources and we all need to make a sustainable difference. This is part of our commitment and that's our contribution.