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Automate your production

Conveyor solution DSI Dantech

Customized automation solutions

Maximize production efficiency and minimize production costs with automatic auxiliary equipment and handling solutions. Automating your production will also have a positive effect on safety, hygiene, and labor costs.

As the only all-in-one supplier of complete freezing, cooling, and heating solutions, we customize automation solutions for all processes from conveyor systems, crane rail constructions, pipe and pump loading systems, cranes, robots, stacking systems, palletizing conveyors, to stretch wrappers, etc.  

You can choose manual, semi-, or fully automated equipment, or you can add modules to your existing facility to obtain an all-in-one solution that combines the thermal treatment you need with state-of-the-art handling equipment. 

Streamlined production

Auxiliary equipment 

Crust and tunnel freezer with conveyor

Our auxiliary equipment is designed to streamline your production in a highly hygienic and efficient manner. The range of equipment includes conveyers, hoppers, feeders, coolers, dip glazers, chillers, and cleaning in place systems.

Efficient loading

Loading solutions 

Loading plate freezer with pumping system

Our loading equipment is designed according to the latest developments and technological advances with regards to efficient design, safety, ultra-low maintenance requirements, and operator convenience. Solutions include bin and container filling systems, cranes, portable pumps or pumping pipelines as well as semi- or fully automatic loading systems.

Simple unloading

Unloading solutions 

Unloading plate freezer with automatic crane

Our customized systems ensure fast and simple unloading, and our products facilitate a very large capacity thereby helping you to boost your everyday productivity. You can choose from a wide selection of automatic crane systems, manual cranes, truck grabs to unloading systems for horizontal plate freezers.

Safe packaging

Packaging solutions 

Our systems guarantee extremely high levels of quality and safety for high-speed palletizing and packaging. We combine advanced machinery with product development to manufacture automatic palletizers, automatic robots, stretch wrapping and conveyor systems.  

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