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Sustainable solutions from sea to serving

Sustainable solutions from sea to serving
Fish & seafood

A customized solution for your production

Plate freezing solutions for fish & seafood

We customize sustainable solutions to freeze, cool, and heat all types of fish & seafood – from shrimp, langoustines, and clams to sprats and salmon. We combine mechanical, cryogenic, and plate freezing to support all your needs from IQF crust freezing to block freezing, chilling, and heating.

Lowest possible production cost

Our solutions are optimized for fast freezing, long running times, and high yield. Combined, these factors guarantee you the lowest possible freezing/chilling/heating cost per kg product.

Count on our contribution

Optimize food quality and sustainability

Cryogenic freezing of crabs

Food quality is of the essence, and choosing the right thermal treatment secures you the best possible result where vitamins, minerals, shape, and color are sustained all the way from sea to serving.

Ensuring great quality of food also requires food safety in terms of high hygienic standards as well as transparency and traceability. At the same time, the demand for sustainable solutions is increasing – from energy usage to water and chemical consumption. Not to mention the increasing focus on optimizing the usage of raw materials. That’s where we come to the table; we don’t just deliver thermal treatment solutions. We customize the right solution for you, and we promise you honest guidance based on your business, your production and your objectives for food safety, quality, and sustainability.


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