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Individual quick freezing for fast freezing and high food quality

Individual quick freezing - IQF

Individual quick freezing - IQF

DSI Dantech tunnel freezer

Individual quick freezing (IQF) is a method to freeze separate food items very quickly which guarantees high food quality, food safety as well as the preservation of size, taste, and cell structure.

The IQF process, fast freezing, is the best way to sustain food, especially when it is frozen at its peak freshness. It reduces the activity of microorganisms, chemical and enzymatic reactions, and it sustains a high degree of nutritional value. It also results in less yield loss and better product quality.

To reduce the temperature of the food inside the freezer, the individual quick freezing equipment uses a refrigerant with an air cooler that exchanges heat from air circulation within the freezer.

Individual quick freezing

a method for thermal treatment of quality food

Freezing chicken nuggets in spiral freezer

For thermal treatment of quality food, we use different kind of individual quick freezing equipment. For instance, spiral equipment and tunnel freezers. The spiral solutions are designed to minimize the cost per kg treated product, ensure a low energy consumption, and guarantee the maximum yield.

Our IQF tunnel systems are ideal for freezing, cooling, and heating quality food. The very low IQF freezing temperature of the spiral freezer ensure freshness and natural appearance of your frozen food while increasing your profitability, making the individual quick freezing process efficient for many industries.

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freezing, cooling, and heating for your industry

Freezing meat and patties in spiral freezer

We customize solutions to freeze, cool and heat for a lot of different industries, and individual quick freezing is relevant for you who work with products such as shrimps and small fish, meat, poultry as well as pasta, cheese, baked goods, and grains.

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Frequently asked questions

What does IQF stand for?
IQF stands for individual quick freezing. As the description suggests, it involves the freezing of individual pieces that don’t merge during the freezing process. It is the opposite of bulk and block freezing.

What is IQF freezing?
IQF freezing is a technology known as the individually quick-frozen (IQF) method. A method that does not allow large ice crystals to form in vegetable cells. Also, since each piece is individually frozen, particles do not cohere.

Are there different IQF freezing types?
There are two types of IQF freezing methods: mechanical IQF and cryogenic IQF. As the only supplier worldwide DSI Dantech offer both technologies, and our customers often combine the two. 

How fast does IQF freezing work?
Roughly, it takes a IQF freezer 1 minute to freeze 1 mm of fresh protein at an air temperature of -36°C. Therefore, in case you have a 40 mm tall fresh chicken breast, it will freeze from +4°C to -18°C in 40-45 minutes. Cryogenic IQF freezing is even faster. 

Why and when is IQF freezing favorable?
The IQF freezing process ensures very good product quality for high value products that are sold as individual portions to the lowest possible price, especially in case of large scale productions. For new production lines, seasonal production, or small and medium productions we recommend cryogenic IQF freezing.

What is the difference between cold store and IQF freezing?
IQF freezes the product faster to the core. The major difference between Cold Store freezing and IQF is the freezing time required. Cold store freezing has a slow freezing time, thus the expansion of water during freezing leads to the formation of bigger ice crystals.

Is IQF freezing sustainable?
IQF solutions from DSI Dantech are 8% more energy efficient than other IQF solutions on the market and they ensure the best possible yield and product quality. 

Do you need IQF for your business?
If you are in the food industry working with products such as shrimps and small fish, meat, poultry as well as pasta, cheese, baked goods, and grains, our individual quick freezing solutions are definitely for your business.

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