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IQF cryogenic batch equipment

Cryogenic batch freezers

Close up cryogenic batch freezer

IQF batch freezers

Cryogenic batch equipment is ideal for food and metal treatment.

In the case of food, it is especially relevant for freezing and chilling food that require no linear or continuous procession along a line, e.g. in small companies or product lines, testing applications or institutions with inhouse cafeterias. In terms of metal treatment, cryogenic batch freezing is often used for sub-zero treatment in the auto, aviation, aerospace, and machine tooling industries.

Our cryogenic batch freezers and batch chillers are based on the same process, where liquid is sprayed and vapor is circulated by fans to ensure rapid freezing and chilling. Controlled over-pressure inside the equipment pushes the excessed gas out – this is also known as 'passive exhaust'. This makes the solution easy to install, as it doesn’t need an external exhaust blower or a gas purge.

The freezer and chiller have adjustable nozzles to handle changing requirements or items requiring slower chilling or freezing times to prevent surface fractures.

Our range of batch freezers and batch chillers cover a freezer that comes in a single and double batch version and a cryogenic treatment chamber.

Batch freezer variants

Flexible batch freezing and chilling

Our batch freezer is suitable for deep freezing or very fast crust freezing and batch chilling for handling and packaging of delicate and soft food, such as bakery products, red meat, fish, and poultry.

Batch freezers are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses as they are designed to handle varying volumes of frozen food. A batch freezer has a low footprint, is easy to clean, and requires a relatively low capital investment. On top of that, it also ensures high and uniform food quality and improved yield.

Depending on your needs, the batch freezer is available in two versions. A single batch freezer and a double batch freezer with the capacity of two regular freezers.


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