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IQF cryogenic tumbler equipment

Cryogenic tumbler freezers

Close up tumbler freezer

IQF tumbler freezers

Cryogenic tumbling is especially suitable for freezing or chilling of small bulk products.

The method is relevant for food such as vegetables, fruit, chopped meat, fish, and poultry that tend to freeze together when touching, just as coated products can easily be frozen or chilled in the tumbler freezer.

Our Cryogenic Freezer Tumbler uses LIN or C02 as the refrigerant and works very well in combination with other freezers such as our immersion freezer. The Tumbler Freezer is designed to minimize the cost per kg treated product and improve the yield. It is space saving and easy to operate, clean, and maintain. On top of all that, the freezer is and can suit the changing needs of your production.

Cryogenic tumbler freezer variants

Flexible freezing in a tumbler

Our tumbler freezer has a long, inclined, rotating tube. It uses gravity and its internal design to convey food and IQF freezes it.

The freezer comes in three standard sizes: 5 m[16 ft], 7 m[23 ft], and 9 m[30 ft] usable tumbler lengths. The length is dependent on the required capacity. We customize the freezer tumblers to suit your product and product infeed systems.

Tumbler freezer from DSI Dantech

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