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IQF cryogenic tunnel equipment

Cryogenic Tunnel Freezers

Close up cryogenic tunnel freezer

Superior freezing or chilling

Our tunnel freezers are ideal for cooling, chilling, and freezing a wide variety of food. With our tunnel freezer variants, you can process everything from small items such as burger patties and diced meats, berries, or vegetables that tend to freeze together to high-volume products and foods with prolonged cycles such as meats, seafood, and baked goods.

The cryogenic tunnel systems are designed to achieve fast freezing or chilling without causing thermal shock, yield loss, or dehydration to the product. The freezers are made of stainless steel to ensure a trouble-free operation and outstanding service life. Each of our IQF freezing tunnel systems can be standalone machines, or they can be joint for additional processing.

Cryogenic cooling or freezing for continuous processing

IQF tunnel freezers

All of our cryogenic tunnel solutions are designed to minimize the cost per kg of treated product and to ensure low kW consumption as well as a high yield. Factors that add up to ensure a small carbon footprint in your production. Our design also ensures easy cleaning, maintenance, and a long service life. Our cryo tunnels are based on the same process, where food is transported through a tunnel while immersed in very cold liquid nitrogen or sprayed with extremely cold LN2 or CO2 gas.

IQF cryogenic tunnels are produced in stainless steel to meet the international hygienic requirements and adhere to all USDA and OSHA guidelines. They are UL508A and CE certified, and on top of that, the freezers represent a low capital investment with quick installation and small footprint.

The range of tunnel solutions cover a linear tunnel freezer, multipass tunnel freezer, multibelt tunnel freezer, and an immersion tunnel freezer.

Cryogenic tunnel freezer variants

Cooling, chilling, and freezing of hot food

Our Linear Tunnel Freezer is ideal for cooling, chilling, or freezing of hot baked food. The cryogenic tunnel system can process a wide variety of food – from small items such as burger patties to large items such as bread loafs or large cut meat.

The Linear Tunnel Freezer has a field-expandable modular design and offers the widest configuration of cryogen spray and circulation fan arrangement to achieve superior freezing or chilling without thermal shock, yield loss, or dehydration. The rugged, in- and outside welded, stainless steel construction ensures trouble-free operation and the outstanding service life of the equipment.

Read more about the product by downloading the product sheets to the right.

Cryogenic multipass freezer from DSI Dantech

A customized solution for your production

Regardless of your food industry, we are here to supply you with all the thermal treatment you need. We combine mechanical IQF, cryogenic IQF, and plate freezing to customize the right solution for you based on your business, production and objectives for food safety, quality, and sustainability.

Our IQF tunnel freezers are optimized to cool, chill, and freeze a variety of foods. With a modular design and a wide configuration of cryogen spray combined with a circulation fan arrangement, we offer a superior freezing and chilling. This is especially relevant for industries, such as the meat and poultry industry, where our freezers don’t thermally shock the product. This sustains the shape and color and ensures a great food quality without causing yield loss or dehydration. Our tunnel freezers can also be used for high-volume IQF freezing of small items such as burger patties and diced meats without having them freeze together.

You can read more about our thermal treatment solutions for the various food industries here


Cryogenic freezing

Cryogenic freezing is relevant for industries where food safety and food quality are of the essence. It is widely used among manufacturers that add high value to their products, have a limited space in their production or companies with products in the beginning of a product life cycle.

We recommend cryogenic freezing for new production lines, seasonal production, or small and medium productions of high-quality food. The investment in a cryogenic freezing solution is 2.5 times lower than in a mechanical solution, the initial start-up costs and operating costs are lower, dimensions are smaller, and cryogenic equipment is always ready to use and easy and fast to clean. However, as production grows, the operational costs of cryogenic freezing will exceed the costs of running a mechanical solution.

Read more about our IQF cryogenic solutions here


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