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Horizontal plate freezers

Close up horizontal plate freezer

Freezers for fast horizontal freezing

Horizontal plate freezers are ideal for freezing products in trays, cartons, boxes, or frames.

The method entails very fast freezing that sustains the quality of products and ensures food safety. It is also highly sustainable. Tests show that whether you work with fish, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, liquids, fluids, pet food, or ready meals, switching to plate freezing will be clearly visible in your bottom lines and in operational savings. It will also in your environmental footprint, as plate freezing technology is up to 30% more energy efficient than traditional air blast freezers.

Horizontal plate freezing is based on direct and double contact freezing. This results in fast freezing with high product quality and yield. Depending on your needs, our horizontal plate freezers can freeze but also cool, heat, and heat exchange your products. We have helped customers handle food in various ways depending on the cooling system. From cooling at 3°C to pasteurization at 100°C.

Each horizontal freezer is specially designed to fit your capacity in terms of space on the production site as well as preferred batch weight or size. We also focus on low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, prevention of dents and marks on product packaging, and the preservation of high food quality at the lowest possible cost.

Horizontal freezer variants

Continuous freezing with increased productivity

The horizontal plate freezers in the H series feature a heavy-duty, hot-dip galvanized steel frame or a frame in stainless steel as well as hydraulic rams that ensure a stable and even plate pressure for homogeneous freezing.

The H freezers feature optimum plate sizes and customized widths and lengths, a unique design with single station openings, low power consumption as well as easy cleaning and maintenance.

Horizontal H freezers are relevant for several industries. They can for example be used in the meat and poultry industry to thermally treat quality products, or in the fish and seafood industry for freezing various products such as salmon, shrimps, and much more. The freezers ensure quick freezing times and optimal food freshness.

Read more about the product by downloading the product sheets to the right.

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Other plate freezing solutions

If you’re interested in our other plate freezing solutions, we also have a variety of vertical plate freezers. Much like our horizontal freezers, they sustain food freshness, quality, and safety. Based on double contact freezing, our vertical freezers are ideal for freezing large volumes of food and liquids

Read more about our vertical block freezing solutions

Vertical plate freezers

Plate freezing technology

Plate freezing is a tray or block freezing method, which allows for a large freezing capacity. The method has a well-established preservation process that maintains a high food quality, nutritional value, and ensures a long storage life. It is particularly relevant for fast freezing high-volume products.

Plate freezing technology is used in many industries but is characteristic for the fish and seafood industry. Plate freezers allow for an immediate freeze of the whole product or parts of the food, such as fish filets. In other industries, it can be used to freeze the secondary product before further processing, such as meat, poultry, fruit, and vegetables. We recommend plate freezing for large scale productions of high-volume products. The start costs are higher when compared to cryogenic solutions, but it will break even in a very short time due to the extremely large freezing capacity, the short freezing times, and the high energy efficiency.

Read more about our plate freezing solutions here

Plate freezing solutions

Plate freezing is a sustainable choice

When you choose a plate freezing solution, you are likely to save resources.

Tests show that whether you work with fish, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, liquids, fluids, pet food, or ready meals, converting to plate freezing will be visible in your bottom lines; in operational savings and in environmental footprint, as plate freezing technology is up to 40% more energy efficient than other freezing technologies. 

Read more about our view on sustainability and our commitment to protecting our environment here


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