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IQF mechanical spiral equipment

Spiral freezers, chillers, and ovens

Close up spiral freezer

IQF spiral freezing, cooling, and heating

Spiral IQF solutions designed to minimize the cost per kg treated product, ensure a low energy consumption, and guarantee the maximum yield.

IQF spiral freezers are ideal for freezing, chilling, and heating quality food, such as fish, shrimp, meat, poultry, berries, fruits, and vegetables as well as pasta, cheese, baked goods, and grains. All our IQF spiral systems are designed to minimize the cost per kg treated product, ensure a low energy consumption, and guarantee the maximum yield. Together, these factors add up to ensure a small carbon footprint in your production.

IQF spiral technology is characterized by transporting food products around a rotating drum on a conveyer belt using the principle of fast and cold air circulation that flows horizontally and is guided over the product. Our unique and efficient airflow results in faster freezing times, less product dehydration, and higher quality and yield. On top of that, our spirals can run hot breaded and fried products for 144 hours without defrost and sequential defrost. This minimizes bacteria growth and maximizes food safety.

Our spiral solutions are always based on your product characteristics, capacities, facility space, and line layout. You can count on our contribution to secure you a suitable solution that guarantees you homogeneous and precise thermal treatment of your food.

The spirals have a compact and open design for easy cleaning and maintenance as well as a long service life. We only use high-quality stainless-steel components to meet even the strictest cleaning requirements and avoid corrosion. The belts are compact and capable of freezing large amounts of products with longer dwell times; this makes the technology one of the most preferred food processes in the industry.

Our range of spiral machinery covers spiral freezers, spiral ovens, spiral sous vide, spiral pasteurizers, spiral proofers, and spiral conditioners.

IQF spiral freezers, chillers, and ovens

Flexible freezing for changeable products

Our Spiral Freezer is available with single, double, and triple drums and can freeze food in IQF form and on trays or in boxes. The freezers operate with the energy saving principle of rapid linear airflow known as Horizontal-flow®. This system offers great savings in terms of reduced energy consumption and ensures a rapid and uniform freezing. It also provides superior flexibility to freeze shifting products.

The Spiral Freezer only requires defrosting once a week, even with products registering an inlet temperature of 80°C. The spiral freezers are high on efficiency and low on maintenance costs.

Read more about the product by downloading the product sheets to the right.

Spiral freezer from DSI Dantech

A customized solution for your production

Regardless of your food industry, we are here to support and supply you with all the thermal treatment you need. We combine mechanical IQF, cryogenic IQF, and plate freezing, so we can customize the right solution for you based on your business, your production and your objectives for food safety, quality, and sustainability.

Our mechanical IQF freezers, chillers, and ovens are optimized for a wide variety of foods. With our spiral freezers, which can have up to three drums, you can freeze food such as fish and seafood in both IQF form and on trays or in boxes. By combining the spiral freezer with our spiral carton freezer, you can sustain a better product quality in both shape and color as well as less product loss after defrosting. Our spiral systems also reduce your energy consumption and minimize the cost per kg treated product.

You can read more about our thermal treatment solutions for the various food industries here


Mechanical IQF freezing

IQF – or individual quick freezing – is a method that guarantees a high quality, food safety as well as the preservation of size, taste, and cell structure. The fast freezing also has a positive effect on the natural occurring yield reduction and saves you 0.3%-1.5% compared to other mechanical IQF solutions on the market.

We recommend mechanical IQF spiral freezers, chillers, and ovens for large scale and high-volume productions of both raw and finished goods. The starting cost for a mechanical IQF solution is higher than a cryogenic one, but for large-scale productions with high-volume products, it will break even rather quickly due to the extremely large freezing capacity and the efficient, cost-effective, and energy saving mechanical IQF technology.

Read more about our mechanical IQF solutions here


Other mechanical IQF solutions

If you’re interested in our other mechanical IQF solutions, we also have a variety of mechanical tunnel freezers and cookers. Much like our spiral freezers, they preserve freshness and a natural appearance of frozen food products, minimize the cost per product, and ensure a low energy consumption. Tunnel freezers and ovens convey food through a tunnel instead of a spiral, where cold air is circulated to freeze the food rapidly and efficiently.

Read more about our mechanical IQF tunnel solutions here

IQF tunnels

frequently asked questions

What is a spiral freezer?
A spiral freezer is used to fast freeze food products in IQF form as well as products on trays or in boxes.

How does a spiral freezer work?
An IQF spiral freezer operates by transporting the products around a rotating drum on a conveyor belt with a rapid linear airflow.  This ensures a fast and uniform freezing, which results in a higher food quality, maximum yield and minimizes dehydration.


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